Beginnings can be a little nerve-racking. Even when there’s not a whole lot a stake. There’s something oddly intimidating about a blank piece of paper, even in its virtual incarnation. Remember in grade school art class, when the teacher would hand out white sheets of paper and tell you to draw something? There were always the kids who would dive right in – whipping their crayons back and forth with an enviable amount of reckless abandon. I was the kid who would sit and stare at the paper, my palms getting sweaty with the thought of how to begin.

I say this, dear reader, as a caveat to this blog. I am by no means good with blank pieces of paper. But I love food. I’m the nerd who has a knack for remembering obscure food facts and the girl who gets a kick out of planning dinner at breakfast. The first thing I’ll notice in your house is your cookbooks. And yes, I have been known to develop crushes on cast-iron pans. And for these reasons, I hope that this speck in the virtual universe of food-bloggery becomes a space where I can indulge this harmless (albeit all-consuming) obsession whole-heartedly – approaching the blank piece of paper with reckless abandon, as it were.

J x