Photo by Lauren Kolyn (www.laurenkolyn.com)

Photo by Lauren Kolyn (www.laurenkolyn.com)

My name is Julia and I am interested in all things delicious. I studied history and liberal arts and have had my fair share of day jobs, everything from non-profit heritage work, to teaching, to working for a museum. But it’s food that continues to capture my attention most intently. This blog is a crossover point of sorts – the centre of the Venn diagram, if you will – between the three things I’ve always gravitated towards: cooking, teaching and writing.

This blog is not here to tell you what to eat and how to eat it. I’m not interested in any of that. I’m interested about how food pulls people together; how stories emerge from gathering around a dinner table; how you can find yourself in a room full of strangers, but are able to strike up a conversation with any of them if you start talking about recipes and memories. My hope is that this blog is a place where food can be approachable, where stories can be shared – good and bad – with as much candour as this space can hold. We’re not perfect cooks. We don’t necessarily have all the fancy kitchen gear, and we will burn things from time to time (extremities included). I like to think it’s all part of the beautiful mess.

Thank you for stopping by. Until next time, be well and eat well x


This site is a 100% unpaid, unsponsored, advertisement-free labour of love. All photographs and content on this site are by me, unless otherwise noted. In other words, everything on this site is subject to copyright. I am always thankful when the content of my blog is shared, but please ask permission before posting/using photos or any other content you find here. You can email me at juliachewsthefat[at]gmail[dot]com

To see more, visit these sites for collaborations I’ve done with The Main, Cuizine: The Journal of Canadian Food Cultures and Lauren Kolyn Photography.

Montreal, Quebec

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Marie-Paule said:

    Allo Julia you are inspiring, taking the time to do what you cherish in life just for the love for it. Thank you for sharing your love for food and your every day life both in a very creative way with us.

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